Bajoran Language Project

Kel Dasha and Dyshal Entara

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Language File (AKA Grammar)



Culture File

Here is the intro from that website:

In January 1999, two fanatic Bajorans "found" each other: Kel Dasha, who only recently had internet access and Dyshal Entara, being a net veteran herself ;). We got to know each other via a newsgroup, and it was the beginning of this (more or less ;p) neverending story of the Bajora :).

As I had joined the Star Trek Role Playing Organization "Federation Fleet One" in which Dyshal was a member already, we realized that the info about the Bajora given in the DS9 series was a little too less for us Bajoran freaks and the Bajoran characters we simmed.... so, we decided to develop our own Bajoran thing, based on what we had from the ST series.
We scratched together all canon info we could get from the net and the series, and used it as a base of "our" language.

We started with a grammar, everyone of us contributed her part to this file, Kahlen A'tria joined our "team", and together we thought up grammar rules, numbers and words that might sound similar to "Bajoran". The dictionary grew, and so did the grammar file.

In July 1999, we finished this Grammar File, and called it "BLF": Bajoran Language File.

Since then, we add words whenever we feel we need new words, we make them up from our minds and we always have the sound of the canon Bajoran words in our minds ;).

I guess we will never manage to create a complete language ;p, it's simply too many words we still haven't thought up, and we're both busy people in RL too :). But that was never our intention, to "finish" this: We just did it out of pure fun and because we love everything Bajoran ;). So don't grumble at us when we don't have all the words of the English language :P.

So, this is a short intro to the creators of this fanfic Bajoran language.

~Kel Dasha